Our Team

Our Team

With over 30 years of experience in organized sports administration, compliance, and risk management, our team has the experience you can trust.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Programs. Not just policies: Changing behavior is at the root of risk managment. Our programs establish accountability and transparency.

Our Technology

Our Technology

Using critical population data analysis and secure, cloud-based, real-time information, we can determine the risk needs of your target teams or leagues. Your custom-designed plan is specific to your organization or group's needs.

How it works

Two youth athletes playing soccer


In linking real-time cloud-based technology in incident reporting and risk management, we're able to seamlessly assess risk analysis profiles for any type of organized sport or group activity. We have the ability to design pre-season risk management plans that are catered to fit exactly what each population needs, with built-in flexibility to make effective risk management decisions in-season.

Know your sport. Know your team. Know your risk.

Too many broad generalizations can be made when it comes to talking about the risk of "sports". With critical reporting pieces in place and pre- and in-season risk management tools, we can impact risk management outcomes for organized sport activities.

Amsis graph shows concussions by month

Using data visualization, we’re able to more accurately identify risk patterns. Sample graph showing injury (concussion) by year, with a particular sport (football) included vs not.

Rugby player makes a tackle


How insurance for sports activities is bought today represents an out-dated model, overdue for innovation. Our approach is an advancement from the traditional insurance purchasing model; we use aggregated data assessments to represent you in the insurance marketplace, in order to provide cost-effective, relevant, and thorough coverage for your organizations and families.

Youth athletes huddle with coach before a play

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